The world and the Devil do their best to put sin in the “best light” they can. When you look at their view on sin, it’s painted as a pretty picture without a blemish to be found.

Beer always equals fun in the sun right? Plus according to science, alcohol (wine) is healthy for you.

Sex outside of marriage is a blast. We live in a day when there are no risks, right?

Tired of your marriage? It’s not hard to start over; it’s like taking out the trash.

Go out for a night on the town with friends to dance clubs, its great exercise!

Hey, murder can actually be entertaining and not that bad…it’s not that shocking after you see it for the 1,000th time.

Jealous and hateful coworkers, neighbors and family members make great comedy.

Isn’t this the way most of the world views the works of the flesh? Now think about the ugly side of the afore-mentioned “attractive” sins.

It’s “funny” how you’ll never see the beer companies show the crime and accident photos caused by alcohol. I wonder if any of their employees have a MADD license plate? Drink for the health benefits you say? Try grape juice, you’ll get the same stuff!

A little “harmless” sex? I wonder if people who say that have ever visited an abortion mill? (more…)