Words We Can Build On

Shopping, shopping and shopping. Most have already started doing some shopping and if you have not started yet you will be among the many more that plan on doing it quite a bit over the next few weeks. Electronics, clothes, toys, toys and toys are the targets of most.

“Toys” have come a long way since I was kid and even further for those of you that are only a few years older than me. Toys used to require some imagination from kids but now they come ready to talk, move, act, react, light up, fly off and even learn from its interactions. But in all the technological advances that toys have made one toy that is rather “low-tech” but “big-thinking” has managed to hang in there. It’s Legos. These building blocks have caused kids to think while having fun for over fifty years now and it’s from these little toys that I want us to learn an important spiritual lesson from.

The most amazing thing about the Lego brand building blocks to me is that the blocks that were created back in the 1950’s still fit the blocks that roll off the line today! It’s because they use the same pattern to create the blocks today as they did over five decades ago. Isn’t that a novel idea – use the same pattern and you get the same result every time and it just naturally fits no matter how old it becomes. Is this some kind of new principle? Not in the least. It’s a principle used by God for millenniums. He has given us the spiritual pattern and the spiritual words to build our spiritual lives on and it will fit if we follow it. (more…)