Making Melody In Our Hearts To The Lord

Sing, sang, sung or singing – when it comes to worshipping God through it, it’s a verb no matter how you say it.

When it comes to worshipping God in song there’s one thing that the religious world has either forgotten or it never knew and that’s that singing to God in worship is not meant to be entertainment any more than prayer, preaching or partaking of communion with the Lord. It’s meant to have a purpose, a direction and a result…from us to God. And looking for a beat that soothes His soul is the last thing that God is looking for from us as we sing to Him.

But before our worship in song can reach its goal it has to have a starting place – namely our heart!

It is true that there is also an aspect of singing in worship that is meant to capture, curtail and correct the wandering hearts of our brothers and sisters much like preaching, but even that aspect must begin and end with the Lord in our heart. According to the scriptures we are to: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Colossians 3:16) The heart-strings of our brethren cannot be pulled in any direction unless we are already using our own (Ephesians 5:19). And twiddling our thumbs during the time that we should be singing does not constitute either.

Lastly, when it comes to singing in worship, our “talent” or the lack thereof to the ears of our neighbor does not do away with the admonishment or the desire of the Lord to hear us sing to Him. We don’t have to be “front and center” when the Lord is there. I mean think about it, have you ever thought about how the one who could solely listen to the voices of angels finds great delight in us singing to him? Just a thought.

Making melody in our hearts to the Lord will happen when He’s the Lord of our heart in life and in worship, for we cannot have one without the other. EA

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:23-24)


  1. Amen! I find that much (not all) of the “praise & worship” music these days is less than inspiring. As the congregational singing is going on, I look around and I see very few actually singing. I see some bodies wiggling to the rhythm, some hand raising, but very little singing. Most are just listing to the choir and orchestra. Me, I’m just waiting for it to be over so we can get to the preaching. I sing better when I’m alone and the Spirit moves me. :)

    1. Hey, Ernie.

      I’ve found through my own experience, and not just hearsay, that much of what most people refer to as “praise and worship” is actually just a concert with religious sounding words. The one who seeks to be entertained through song seems to be the one who looks to be entertained in the word as well (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Paul was NT addressing a “worship service” neither was he excluding musical aids. In fact, God approved of musical aids and never has he changed his mind on this. This is a CofC fallacy.

    1. You’re funny. And I do believe that one commenter on your site was correct in your shameful disingenuous behavior concerning the use of your blog’s name (unless I stand corrected due to the fact that your WordPress account’s name is indeed the same name that belongs to you). So until you respond to whether or not Johnny Robertson is your real name I’m going to hold off from saying anything else. Look forward to hearing back from you on this.

      1. Your best come-back is “You’re funny.” I am allowed to use any name, including yours, as an the URL, long as I never profess to be the person. I could even use “JesustheChrist”, then have the Blog formatted around Jesus’ teachings. If you do not believe me, contact WordPress and ask them. No, I am not Johnny and never have claimed to be. The teachings are formatted around his brand of “religion”. Now, shall we get back to the Bible? I’m guessing you rather not.

      2. Dude, it’s not a “comeback” – it’s the truth and I am talking Bible! Try thinking along the lines of Matthew 7:3.

        First you’re so eager to argue that you bring up a point that isn’t even talked about in the article. Did you even stop to notice that before you commented? Try taking your argumentative blinders off for a moment to think about that. What you’ve done shows that you’re very contentious and you display the attitude spoken of in Proverbs 26:21.

        Secondly, your blog name and WordPress account reveals that you’re willing to be deceptive. It’s by definition the very fulfillment of a hypocrite – an actor who’s doing things to mislead others who find your blog. Do a Google search for Johnny Robertson and WDTBS and your blog is listed on the first page that comes up…and I doubt that the average person who looks for that info is looking for your site! And it doesn’t matter if it’s illegal – it’s very deceptive, and I would hope that someone who claims to be correcting others and presenting the truth could recognize that. It doesn’t matter whether or not you disagree with someone; what you’ve done is wrong but it seems as if you’re too numb to even get it. Your entire blog name and account address is a compete misnomer but you’re missing it along with the poor ethical and moral behavior behind it.

        I am allowed to use any name, including yours, as an the URL, long as I never profess to be the person.

        Boy, I sure do hear the spirit of Christ in those words. Don’t you? And you want to teach me and others something? Try learning the lesson of these words: “Though his hate is covered with deceit, his sin will be seen openly before the meeting of the people.” (Proverbs 26:26 – BBE)

      3. “Do a Google search for Johnny Robertson and WDTBS and your blog is listed on the first page that comes up”

        Good, that was my plan. This way, I can present things often hidden from the eyes of others. You are aware he has lost monetary support from other Churches? I wonder why. hmm.

        I find it humorous that you consider this deceptive, not having a clue of the many tactics used of Johnny and his comrades. I pray you do not resort to dirty tactics as him, then count it as holy and good. Do you sneak around with loaded camera and audio trying to trap “denominational” preachers? Do you stand in from of Churches with a big sign reading DO NOT ENTER? Do you go to Churches and film little girls “panties” showing, then make a show about it on TV, saying they were showing too much leg. Do your homework, dude.

        You stated I was wanting to argue. No, I’m not. I was that way when I was mixed up with Johnny, not now though. Johnny says “arguing” is scriptural and cites Paul for his example. He also uses the Bible to justify lying, long as it has a “Godly purpose”.

        If you refused to act like him, he would consisder you “wayward”, saying you are a coward. They have openly spoken againt other Church of Christ “churches” in his town, saying they were “wayward” because they do not use his apparoach to ministry.

        He is very aware of the site I have. Trust me, he likes the attention.

      4. Btw, I left Johnny’s “meeting place”. He also lost a “gospel preacher” in 2007, over another ploy of deception, at which point, a split resulted in “Johnny’s” Church. We had a “men’s meeting” at which time, the young preacher referred to Johnny as THE GOD OF MARTINSVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Since then, others have left and he has lost support from other Churches.

        I recall once, a preacher visited his town for a tent meeting and also made many hours of live TV, where they were going to “denom” preachers homes filming them. One preacher pointed out that Johnny had walked onto his driveway, filming him. On live TV, Johnny twisted this by saying “he was standing on the road” filming the denominational preacher. That was a lie! It was a play on words. Granted, Johnny was “standing on the road” but the road was the other preachers DRIVEWAY. Johnny was making it sound like he wasn’t on the man’s property. This same week, Johnny stirred up so much Chaos, people were threatening his life. They had to call the police and then put the TV station on lockdown. I’m sorry you are offended by me using his name as my URL but I plan to continue. I’m mot claiming to be Johnny – just a way to expose his methodology and the false teaching within the hardline Church of Christ. He is the one who is deceptive and dishonest and called a cult leader by other hardline Church of Christ. That alone speaks volumes about him. I will refrain from telling all at this point. I will return to addressing the teaching of the hardline Church of Christ.

        Peace unto you,


  3. No deception, sir. Just using a name that hardliners might or might not know. This way, others can see there is more than one side of the cofC. Read my post on deception in the Church of Christ. I used Johnny’s very words. He has been caught lying more than once but uses the Bible to justify it. He even sent two other preachers out to do his dirty work.

    1. I find it humorous that you consider this deceptive, not having a clue of the many tactics used of Johnny and his comrades.

      I don’t know Johnny nor do I have to for me to say what I have said. This isn’t about Johnny; it’s about you. I would say the same if you set up an account in the name of Joel Osteen or John Hagee. The fact that you took another man’s personal name and the name of his tv show reeks of deception and it positions your words as a personal vendetta as much if not more so than a “stand for truth”. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      You stated I was wanting to argue. No, I’m not.

      You deny your eagerness to argue yet you bring up a topic on a post that does not even mention the argument that you’re bringing up because the post was the only thing close enough to a topic that you wanted to argue about. Come on man! Let me say it again for clarity’s sake: You sought out the post and you brought up the argument that is not even mentioned in the post, therefore (as logic shows) you were looking to argue – which by definition makes you argumentative. Think along the lines of the whole pot and kettle saying and you’ll get why I’m saying what I’m saying.

      I’m not calling you a wolf at all because I do not know you well enough to say such a thing about you or in defense of Johnny Robertson, but I will say that you’re walking along the lines of a hypocrite (the very definition of the word) because when a person presents themselves in the clothes of another (blog name and account address) then my friend, what kind of reaction do you expect one to have?

      You stated I was wanting to argue. No, I’m not. I was that way when I was mixed up with Johnny, not now though.

      The greatest irony of all is that you’re doing the very thing(s) that you’re condemning Johnny for doing. You talk about him holding signs in front of buildings saying do not enter, but what you do think you’re doing with your blog? You say he likes to cause trouble, but what do you think you’re doing with your blog. You say he likes the attention, but what do you think you’re giving him with your blog?

      No deception, sir. Just using a name…

      You’re using a name that doesn’t belong to you…that’s called deception, and deception begins in the heart, which is what my original post that you’ve commented on was about.

      1. Eugene, okay, you have made a few good points. Perhaps I may move this Blog to

        I will address the teachings of the cofC at

        Thanks for your input and I will heed your advise as I find it helpful. It will take me quite some time to move every post over to at which point I will deactivate the site under Johnny’s name. I do NOT want others thinking it to be decpetive.

        Thanks for your direction in this matter.

  4. After more thinking, I have decided to leave the Blog URL/name alone and continue its direction. I’m very sure Johnny doesn’t mind. And, as I stated, he loves the attention. If people think of the Blog as hypocritical, they have their opinion. Take care.

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