God Gives Boundaries For A Reason

Some fences are built to keep things out. Some fences are built to keep things in. The most effective fences are built to do both.

The need for a fence is not always determined by what is meant to be kept out. Nor is the need for a fence solely dependent upon what is meant to be kept in. A farmer with livestock might build a fence to keep things in. A business owner may build a fence to keep people out at certain times during the night. A parent with small children may build a fence not only to keep what is harmful from getting in the yard but to also keep what is important inside the yard from going out into dangerous territory.

The American culture is forgetting how important, how valuable and how needed good fences are! Young people, old people and all people need to be taught that the boundaries given to us by God are meant to protect, not to restrict.

A growing majority of the people in America are choosing to openly rebel against God and ignore the plain boundaries that He has given us. People are worried about the future debt of young people – our young people are reaping the consequences of sinful choices today!

Rampant divorces, illegitimate children and the fruits of “sexual freedom” are ripping our hearts out but we refuse to stop. The “land of the free” was never meant to be a land free from the boundaries of God. And the worsening conditions of the heart of our country are being exposed, not by the financial situation we are in, but by the spiritual boundaries that we continue to break and grind to dust. Every foundational principle of the home is under attack socially and politically and the “free living” lifestyle that is so widely promoted in the media and in our nation’s government is coming at a price that we cannot afford to pay. We are getting closer and closer to the “debt ceiling” in more ways than one!!!

God does not want us to learn our lessons the hard way like the “prodigal son” of Luke 15:11-32. But at least the son in that parable learned what boundaries were all about. Unfortunately, people are not learning from their mistakes today. As a matter of fact the average person doesn’t even realize they’re sitting in the stench and mire of the pig pen!!! People have always made mistakes for sure, huge mistakes, but today we (as a nation) are continuing to look at God’s boundaries with increasing disdain instead of acceptance. I suppose we will all find out together what really lies out beyond the boundary in the “far country” eventually.

God has given His grace for a reason but God has given us His law for a reason too! We can listen and learn, and do well; or we can “live” and learn, and deal with the consequences.

The thing about freedom from boundaries that people are forgetting is that it can be equated to a rope with just enough slack to hang our selves with…and the rope is getting tighter everyday! Only in God’s boundaries will we find true protection and freedom. EA

If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” (John 15:10)

By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” (1 John 5:2-5)


  1. Hence our need to focus even more urgently on evangelism, to teach the lost what it’s all about, and on the edification of the saints, so that they will be prepared to live as Christ. Thanks for another good one.

  2. I honestly don’t think this is anything new. You didn’t actually say this so forgive me if my assumption is off on this one, but it sounds like you believe we were “better” as a country at one time. I don’t think we were. We’ve always had the majority of our people conducting their lives in selfish, destructive manners. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do as J.R. says. I love Evangelism. But I’d prefer an honest to goodness just straight psycho revival like we had during the great depression. The depression sucked, but the revival was phenomenal!

    1. Hello, Hayden, long time no disagreement. If you’ll go back and read the article you’ll see the part where I said, “People have always made mistakes for sure, huge mistakes,….”

      To say that what I said isn’t anything “new” as compared to some other time in American history isn’t correct. There was a time when people (both socially and politically) clearly understood that abortion was murder. There was a time when people (both socially and politically) clearly understood that homosexuality was abnormal, immoral and unjustifiable. There was a time when people (both socially and politically) clearly understood that divorce was detrimental to children and to society as a whole. There was a time when fornication was not supported in schools (neither socially or politically) by handing out condoms or intentionally keeping a child’s “sexual activity” secret from his/her parents. The list can go on and on, and surely you wouldn’t disagree with these examples.

      You’re right in that the majority of people have always acted in selfish and destructive manners (see Matthew 7:13-14), but there is a clear and present distinction that can be seen in our culture when it comes to the acceptance/rejection of the boundaries that God has given for individuals, families and nations…this being especially true and clearly seen since the short time that I was a child, hence my article about the need for “good fences” in our time…and the terrible results of ignoring them.

      Thanks for commenting, and I do mean that :)

  3. Jeepers! Sorry, when I said “not new” I was referring to people’s conduct. I wasn’t referring to the point you were making.

    But other than this point “There was a time when fornication was not supported in schools (neither socially or politically) by handing out condoms or intentionally keeping a child’s “sexual activity” secret from his/her parents.” Yeah, I think we’ve been doing everything else for ages. Certainly the entire time we’ve been a country.

    Abortion has been around since Rome was in power. And in this country it was doing quite well before Roe v. Wade. That case just brought it out of the alleys.

    As for homosexuality, no it’s always been around, if it hadn’t been then the Jews wouldn’t have Old Testament laws about it.

    Divorce? That’s how we got the Church of England.

    My counter point to you is that we do need good fences. I just don’t see where we have obeyed them before. As a people I mean.

    1. Remember, I never once said those had never happened before. I said they weren’t accepted like they are now socially or politically. To argue against that is to argue against plain observable facts. I’m about 30 years old and if you think our culture (the American culture) hasn’t changed on these the issues across the board then you haven’t been living in our culture.

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