Some Things Are Scarier Than They Sound

“Attack of The…Chiggers!!!” Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound too intimidating…but it should!

Even though they’re after your blood, you can’t see them coming and they will drive you crazy when they get you, I guess chiggers just do not sound as scary as aliens, living zombies or some creature that lives inside the spooky cave. I mean really, what kind of name is chigger? It sounds about as scary as “fluffy.” That is, unless you have actually dealt with them.

I have yet to come across any mysterious flying objects with “death-rays.” And while I have seen some scary people in caves, all living by the way, that’s about the extent of it. But when it comes to chiggers, now that is a whole different ballgame. If you have ever dealt with them as I have, then you know that even the sound of the word “CHIGGER” can bring back memories of non-stop awful scratching. Laugh if you like, but when chiggers attack, those little guys mean business!

The point that I’m making with the chigger illustration is just because something doesn’t sound scary, that doesn’t mean it’s not!

Sometimes when a person with a little more life experience tries to warn younger people about the dangers of sin, the word “SIN” just does not sound as intimidating as it actually is in reality. Sin is not some fairytale boogey man, and it does not come from the imagination of people. Sin is real. And when it comes to the effect of sin there are no happy endings because sin is serious business! (1st John 3:4; James 1:14-16)

The young people who are warned about the sin and dangers of drinking sometimes laugh it off until one day they or one of their friends end up being paralyzed or killed in a wreck (I have personal experience with both). Then they understand how scary sin is.

The young person that is warned about the sin of partying, doing drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd may roll their eyes until one day they or one of their friends get assaulted or raped. Then they understand how scary sin is.

The young person that is warned about the sin and irresponsibility of fornication may think that it is no big deal until one day the “protection” doesn’t protect, and then they are looking at raising a child alone because their “lover” didn’t really love them, much less want to be their friend! Sadly, the “boyfriend” may be pressured into agreeing to an abortion or the “girlfriend” may be pressured to get one because the other party involved refuses to take the responsibility that they helped to create. Yes, then they understand how scary sin is.

While I understand that bad things happen to good people quite often (1 Peter 5:7-9) these are only a few of the almost unlimited examples that can be given when a person ignores the heartbreaking consequences of sin, and the reality of these situations should speak for themselves.

To some people the word “SIN” may not be that scary; that is until we have to deal with it up close and personally. Then we realize that some things really are scarier than they sound. EA

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