The Comment that Got Me Put on the Spam list!

Anyone who is familiar with blogging on WordPress is familiar with the fact that dialogue, comments, discussions and debates are expected – especially when it comes to the religious arena.

I have always welcomed comments, questions and even debates on topics that I have written about on my blog whether or not the person agrees with me as long as the conversation goes back and forth and it does not remain one-sided with one person doing all the asking but no answering. Unfortunately this is not the mindset that all WordPress users have. They love to post about their version of the faith, but they do not like to contend for it (Jude 3). They like to spout all the false hoods they possibly can without any consideration or willingness to answer for it in light of the truth.

I don’t always comment on other people’s blogs (in fact I rarely do, I usually use the “like” button) but there are certain topics that I can hardly resist; one of which is the doctrine of Calvinism and the particular subset beliefs that fall into its teachings. Because I stated the truth about a certain belief essential to Calvinism the author reported me as spam and it stuck.

For the last couple of weeks I have not been able to make any comments (complimentary or otherwise) on any blogs that I have never commented on without them being spammed, and I have even fallen into the spam category on blogs that I have commented on before. So what was the comment that got me spammed? Here you go:

The blogger wrote – “Now before we get too deep into a discussion of the five points of Calvinism, my point today is to simply ask you to think about one thing. If you are reading this and have been saved by God’s grace, then you are one of His chosen people. Before you even existed, God chose you to be one of His children. He chose you to be saved. He chose you to live for eternity with Him in Heaven. How does that make you feel?”  

Unconditional election is a false doctrine that’s not essential to salvation, but it is an essential piece of the Calvinistic puzzle. Calvinists usually don’t mind talking about the “joys” of unconditional election but they don’t like to mention the “woes” of its counterpart very much – the unconditionally rejected! Hence, I took the blogger’s comment about the “unconditionally elect” and tweaked it slightly to fit the “unconditionally rejected” point of view with my comment.

My response was -“If you are reading this and have not been saved by God’s grace, then you are not one of His chosen people. Before you even existed, God did not choose you to be one of His children. He chose you to be condemned. He chose you to live for eternity with Satan in Hell. How does that make you feel?

My reply was not rude. My reply was not hateful. My reply was not personal. But still yet the person reported me as spam.

My reply was completely logical. My reply was completely doctrinal. My reply was about the truth according to Calvinism (albeit the truth that most Calvinists don’t like to speak of) because the opposite of unconditional election is nothing but unconditional rejection! I guess the truth really does hurt.

In the near future I am going to do posts on each of Calvinism’s “five parts” but until then I will try to make it off of the spam list…if that’s even possible.  EA


  1. I hope you get out of the hole. Cleared you on my blog. That was quite a devastating comment of yours, points up the difficulty of Calvinism. Glory to God for offering salvation to all!

  2. I’m not a Calvinist even though I attend a Calvinsit church, and listen to Calvinist Christian radio shows.

    I just think the verses they use for some of their doctrines don’t require their interpretation.

    But I find that some of them think the above conclusion that you made is not accurate, but I’m not sure how it’s not.

    Either way, I have banned very few people, but never reported them as spam.

    1. @ Randal

      1) I’m trying 2) Thanks 3) As John stated, Calvinists deny this truth filled ramification of unconditional election but I don’t understand how they can logically 4) Amen!

      @ John

      You of all people know what it’s like to have disrespectful and even out-right hateful comments in reply to some of your posts. I’m sure you would agree that my comment was neither. Believe me, it’s annoying to not be able to comment on other blogs…all the person had to do was delete the comment or email me and ask me to not comment anymore and I would have done it, but they took it to a completely different level. It was cowardly and childish.

  3. Your comment was more snarky than rude or disrespectful. In fact I would do something very similar (if not identical) just to provoke a discussion on what seems to be the conclusion that if their idea (the pre-altered paragraph) was right, then so is your amended one. It would seem to follow.

    My experience is that most (but not all) Calvinists do not place a lot of value on apologetics or defending doctrines. Not that they can’t, but they find it fruitless since many strongly believe “arguments don’t make converts”. So that might be why he was so quick to shut you down.

    1. I have sent them an email about it. I will wait another day or so and send them another one. After that I guess it’s up to individuals to “un-spam” me on their sites.

      Part of the reason that I posted what I did was in a way to let others know about how easy it is to get put on the spam list – too easy it seems.

  4. Hey Preacher, I know you and I disagree on just about everything, however I am with you on this one. If they are going to post about religion or politics then they should be prepared for a lot worse than what you replied with. I’m sorry they don’t seem to be able to handle criticism.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I don’t believe it! We agree :)

      You’re right in that if a person can’t handle the criticism (i.e. contend for the very faith they claim to be true – Jude 3) then they don’t need start a conversation. After all, a person can make his/her posts to where comments are not allowed if they aren’t willing to defend what has been posted. There are several more options other than reporting someone as spam .

      Thanks for reading and have a good day, Hayden.

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