“Smart Mouth”

Anyone that is fascinated with nature is sure to believe that the Venus Fly Trap is one of the neatest plants to be found, and boy does this plant have one smart mouth!  God provided these plants with mouths that have little sensitive hairs inside of them.  These hairs cause the mouth of the plant to shut up tight when they are agitated in less than a second!  This plant’s mouth works exactly like God wanted it to.  There are a couple of lessons that we can learn from this plant.

First, we, unlike the plant don’t always use our mouths the way God intended for us to do.  We often say things that we shouldn’t.  The Holy Spirit, through James, says concerning the tongue, “With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God.”  And also, “Does a spring bring forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?” (James 3: 9,11)

Sometimes the meanest things done are not things that are done at all, but instead are things that are said. It’s amazing how a body made up of about 206 bones can be controlled by something without a single one in it. (James 3:2-5)  Often the best of friendships and even marriages are ruined because of this sad fact.

The second and most useful thing that we can learn from God’s little creation is that when we become agitated we need to shut up our mouth tight.  Easier said than done isn’t it?  But none-the-less, it is something that we must learn to do.  Most especially I, as a person that used to speak my mind no matter the place or time, have had to wrestle with this.  Now as a Christian I must remember that Jesus said that I will have to answer “for every idle word spoken.” (Matthew 12:36)  When you think about that it can be a scary thought because an active mouth can shoot out a lot of idle words! Many of those “idle” words spoken in anger will have a loud echo on the Day of Judgment.  We will be a lot better off when we learn to keep our mouth shut until we can calm down.

The apostle Peter urges Christians to be like Jesus when he said, “that you should follow His steps…who, when reviled did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten….” (1st Peter 2: 21,23)

If you think that’s not a challenge then you’re stronger than I am, but it really is all up to me to decide just what kind of “smart mouth” I’m going to have. EA


  1. Did God also create parasites? Did he create the bacteria that infect us, and often kill us? Did he create deadly viruses, including HIV? It seems, judging by your view of the Venus flytrap, that your answer to these questions must be “yes”, else you’d have to resort to evolution.

    If this is the case then, since your blog suggests that you know how God thinks, you could tell me why he created these awful things?

      1. Well, obviously he wanted to. But why though?

        Why would an all-loving God create parasites that eat their hosts from the inside? Why would he create cholera, which causes people to hemorage their bodies’ water reserves in just a few painful days, killing them in the process? Why would he create Ebola, which is more gruesome still?

        Nature is filled everywhere with suffering, in all animals, not just humans. This seems to be a serious challenge to the beneficence of any God who is thought responsible for personally handcrafting the entire thing.

  2. I’m a little surprised that the issue of nature’s cruelty does not seem to bother you. The definition of “beneficent” would have to be stretched beyond reason to accommodate a God who set up nature the way he did. Yet you think this doesn’t matter.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised: if you already believe that the violence and ruthlessness of the Old Testament God is compatible with a kind and loving character, then you probably just see the cruelty and suffering in nature as another aspect of God’s tender love and mercy. If you can live with such bizarre contradictions, then good for you!

  3. Keith,

    Don’t be surprised at the lack of my interest in discussing the issue with you. No matter what answer is given in response to your statements/accusations about God you will not be satisfied.

    Your “idea” of a loving and beneficent God is one that lets us live in a present and continuous utopia on Earth and nothing less will satisfy you. I will warn you that Job will rise against you as a witness of one who suffered greatly yet remained faithful to God if you choose not to repent of your attitudes and unbelief toward the gospel.

    Surprised or not it is you that has this problem and not I. The only contradiction is in your mind/heart; but if you are genuinely seeking an answer due to doubts and not unbelief then I will continue the conversation, but if you will honestly admit that your mind is made up then there is no reason to continue.

    Have a good evening.

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